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6 Things Your New Business Needs

A small business is likely to fail within the first year of operation, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The good news is that you can be on the 80% side with good planning and strategic marketing. Listed below are 6 things every business needs to succeed, compiled by Bootstrap Digital to help you succeed.

6 Things Your New Business Needs


To succeed in this day and age, you need a good website. As more and more people turn to the internet for information about businesses, you need a presence online. Consider your website as a first impression. It is usually the first impression a person has of your business, so it must be impressive. Your website can help customers learn more about your business and convert them into customers. This could be an easy win for your business if you have an advantage over your competitors.

Customer Service

The importance of customer service has never been greater. Customers can be won over and kept by good customer service in an age when so many businesses are popping up with the latest technologies and competitive prices. According to a 2020 customer amazement survey, 62% of customers are willing to pay more for good customer service. The same report found that 96% of customers will leave a business if they receive poor customer service. Therefore, you need to focus heavily on customer service and train your staff accordingly.

Marketing Plan

Despite being a digital marketing agency, there is no denying the importance of a strategic marketing plan. In a strategic marketing plan, all assets are used to guide customers through the sales process. Ensure that you can market to your specific audience and future customers without wasting marketing dollars. Using Bootstrap Digital's all-in-one digital marketing solutions, you can spend more time doing what you do best and less time worrying about the heavy lifting.


Passionate people are needed in every business. Employing people who are passionate about your business will ensure your business succeeds. Passionate employees can easily be distinguished from those who are not. People who do not care about your business will not provide the same level of service and work as those who do.

Reliable Team

If you don't have a hard-working and reliable team, your marketing strategy and website will fail. Waiting longer for a service or product will cause consumers to think twice about ordering from you again. When the team is hard-working and customer-focused, the business will grow even faster.


Last but not least, your business needs goals. By setting goals, you can have a clear picture of what you want your business to be in a year, five years, or ten years. It can involve scaling, increasing sales by a certain percentage, or simply staying consistent. Write down your goals and make them known to your staff.


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